Miraheze launches self requested dumps!

Miraheze is always looking for improvements! We have improved significantly over the last year! From giving wikis more control over how their wiki is configured to significant infrastructure changes behind the scene.

Miraheze is proud today to announce the launch of a new extension called DataDump. The new extension gives wikis more power over their wiki.

Users can requests backups of images or content. You are allowed one backup per type. (i.e. 1 xml dump and 1 image dump)

To have a image dump you must make a request through Phabricator for sysadmins to generate it. This is for legal reasons.

To self request today, go to Special:DataDump and request your dump!

Please note that large wikis won't work due to their dump generation needing more resources. If you would like a dump, please request on Phabricator.

Written by Paladox on Apr 6 2019, 18:30.
idris, MacFan4000

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Is there any chance of Miraheze adding visible timestamps on "Special:DataDump/view/xml"? I gave everyone on my wiki, including anons, the "view-dump" right, so it would be useful for them to know how old the dump is before downloading the file or asking someone with the "delete-dump" and "generate-dump" rights to create a more up-to-date dump.

@idris would you be able to file a feature request please? (tagging it with DataDump)

In J8#187, @Paladox wrote:

@idris would you be able to file a feature request please? (tagging it with DataDump)

Yes, and here it is.