Recruitment: Miraheze Limited are advertising the role of Director of Site Reliability Engineering

Following the changes in leadership structure announce in J14, Miraheze Limited are now in a position to announce the recruitment strategy for finding a volunteer to permanently fill the position of Director of Site Reliability Engineering.

The Director of Site Reliability Engineering will report directly to Miraheze Limited’s Board of Directors.

This position will be at the forefront of leading Miraheze’s growth and response to a variety of daily technical challenges and long-term objectives. Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the ideal candidate will have a lot of freedom to create, manage, develop, and educate a team of dedicated volunteers to provide service critical infrastructure.

Responsibilities and Duties

Team Culture
• You will create an environment of growth and development for all technical volunteers.
• Engage with volunteers to set self-development targets and ensure appropriate resources are allocated to meeting them.
• Ensure teams and volunteers have the support in place to produce great things with a limited budget.
Managing and Setting Objectives
• Manage service level objectives and service level indicators.
• Plan yearly and six-monthly goals.
• Monitor projects from idea to implementation in line with goals.
• Manage the allocation of funds and budgeting requests to the Board of Directors.
Process Improvement
• Continually evaluate existing processes, ensuring they comply with modern standards and continue to be effective.
• Support efforts to formalise processes and engage with all volunteers to remove confusion and uncertainty.


The position is advertised on a volunteer-only basis, as such no formal pay or monetary benefits are offered by Miraheze Limited for the purpose of executing the role. The successful candidate may be able to apply for and receive suitable reimbursement for incidental costs that occurred during the normal day-to-day duties of the role or in exceptional circumstances associated with the role. All reimbursements will be handled by the company's treasurer with reasonable approval from another Director as appropriate.

How to Apply?

Anyone can apply by filling in an application form and sending this to the Miraheze Limited Board of Directors via board [at] miraheze.org.

What Happens Next?

The recruitment window has been divided into 6 separate stages spanning from July 27th, 2021 until January 2022. Applications will close on August 29th, 2021.

NOTE: Dates are liable to change. Any changes will be communicated to all applicants at the earliest opportunity by the Board.

Stage 1 - July 27th, 2021 until August 29th, 2021
During stage one, we will advertise the position across numerous locations including the website, social media, and communication platforms for the duration of the recruitment period. Applicants will be encouraged to discuss their application with a director prior to applying for the position to the Board via email.

Stage 2 - August 30th, 2021 until September 5th, 2021.
During the initial application consideration week, the Board will review the applications on merit and based on the information available to the Board through the application form. In the end, all applicants will be contacted to inform them of whether the Board is seeking to take their application further or not.

Stage 3 - September 6th, 2021 until September 26th, 2021.
Once a shortlist has been produced, the Board will consider whether to conduct interviews with applicants to gain more information on their motivations or abilities. In addition, the Board may provide written questions specific to the applicant's answers to further assess their abilities or their intentions for the future of the company if they were to be appointed.

Stage 4 - September 27th, 2021 until October 8th, 2021.
In this stage, the Board will evaluate all applicants’ performance to date and will in a Board meeting, come to a decision as to which candidate will be the choice to be the new Director of Site Reliability Engineering. A resolution will be passed detailing the date of appointment to be October 24th, 2021.

Stage 5 - October 9th, 2021 until October 24th, 2021.
To ensure a thorough and complete transition for the new Director of Site Reliability Engineering, a 2 week transition period will be run where the new Director will work alongside the current interim Director of Site Reliability Engineering to ensure a smooth transition of access, roles, responsibilities and to provide a period of time for the new Director to be able to consider the appointment of Engineering Managers that would support the Director of Site Reliability Engineering in their role.

Stage 6 - October 25th, 2021 until January 2022.
In the final stage of the recruitment process, we will have a probationary period in place for the new Director of Site Reliability Engineering – a period where, based on the Board’s assessment of community concerns, Site Reliability Engineering’s concerns, and the prospect of the candidate, an action checklist will be developed to measure progress against. The purpose of this period will be to ensure timely and appropriate progress is made in critical and key areas to ensure the prosperity and growth of Miraheze can continue for several years to come. A candidate who is able to demonstrate sufficient progress will be confirmed by the Board. A candidate who is not able to demonstrate sufficient progress will either have an extension period granted to them or may be removed from the position by a Board vote.

Written by Owen on Jul 27 2021, 13:36.

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