Changes to Technical Leadership Structure

Miraheze Limited's Board of Directors has announced changes to the leadership structure of the Site Reliability Engineering team of Miraheze.

The Site Reliability Engineering team is a set of volunteers (currently 5) that is responsible for the innovation, security, privacy, and administration of IT services, infrastructure, and the data of Miraheze. Site Reliability Engineering maintains all Miraheze servers and services, develops new extensions for the community, and resolves the requests of the community.

In May, Ferran Tufan (@Southparkfan) informed the Board of Directors of his intention to step down as Director of Site Reliability Engineering and made a proposal to the Board for an interim candidate to continue an effective succession planning during a transition period. Ferran's last day as Director of Site Reliability Engineering is July 1st, 2021. The Board of Directors wishes to extend a thank you to Ferran for supporting the operations of Miraheze as Director of Site Reliability Engineering and leading the team since 2016 in various forms. Ferran will remain the nominated representative of the technical community and the Chair of the Board of Directors.

From July 2nd, 2021, the Board of Directors is happy to appoint @Reception123 as Interim Director of Site Reliability Engineering. The period of appointment is indefinite until the Board is able to complete its search for a new Director of Site Reliability Engineering. When asked about his plans, Reception123 stated his main intentions are to work on fostering and building the relationship between the community and Site Reliability Engineering as well as reforms over how the team works and manages deployments.

During its next meeting in July, the Board of Directors will identify the key points and priorities it would like a new Director of Site Reliability Engineering to address, discuss its approach to finding a replacement, and identify a timeline for the process to operate within.

Anyone wishing to provide comments to the Board of Directors to assist in developing a strong person description for the role of Director of Site Reliability Engineering or wishing to provide any input on the types of problems they would like addressed by a future candidate are free to contact the Board via email at board [at] miraheze.org.

Written by Owen on Jul 1 2021, 14:59.
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