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FSSLC: The actual next step in Miraheze's growth

Written by Universal_Omega on Feb 3 2024, 07:01 in All Things Miraheze.

2021, 2022, and 2023 were extremely rough years. We went from being always slow (2021) to being sometimes slow (early 2022) to being very slow and with a broken database which halted 1600 wikis for a few weeks (late 2022) to almost shutting down (2023). This has been a rollercoaster for everyone but we want to reaffirm that Miraheze is never going away. Now more than ever, we are dedicated to our lovely users and we are doing the absolute most to improve your experience and to make you proud of the farm you host your wikis on.


Trust and Safety Update: New Way of Reporting and Team Updates

Written by Owen on Aug 1 2022, 20:58 in All Things Miraheze.

In this small post, the Trust and Safety team are looking forward to introducing a brand new workflow moving forward of how we will be handling reports of different natures for our work and also a new member joining the team.


Introducing SCSVG

Written by John on Jan 2 2022, 22:15 in All Things Miraheze.

In J16, we introduced the plan that Miraheze's Site Reliability Engineering team was pursuing to redesign and rewrite our infrastructure from the ground up by exploring other alternatives to how we are hosted. We are pleased to announce that since November, we have had our initial budget approved for hardware purchases and on Wednesday, 29th of December, 2021, deployed for the first time in Miraheze's history our own physical hardware!


2022 Technical Vision

Written by John on Nov 28 2021, 18:42 in All Things Miraheze.

Miraheze is known for its exponential growth rates - lets take a quick delve into the year on year breakdown of statistics - one of which will be focused on more than usual in this blog post.


Recruitment: Miraheze Limited are advertising the role of Director of Site Reliability Engineering

Written by Owen on Jul 27 2021, 13:36 in All Things Miraheze.

Following the changes in leadership structure announce in J14, Miraheze Limited are now in a position to announce the recruitment strategy for finding a volunteer to permanently fill the position of Director of Site Reliability Engineering.


Changes to Technical Leadership Structure

Written by Owen on Jul 1 2021, 14:59 in All Things Miraheze.

Miraheze Limited's Board of Directors has announced changes to the leadership structure of the Site Reliability Engineering team of Miraheze.


An interview with Co-Founder Ferran Tufan

Written by Southparkfan on Apr 6 2021, 10:31 in All Things Miraheze.

Behind the scenes, a group of volunteers support the operations of Miraheze's community. Amongst them is Ferran Tufan (@Southparkfan), one of the founders. For Website Planet, he gave an interview regarding Miraheze: how did Miraheze start, what is the business model like, what are the lessons learnt over the years and what are the expected future trends.


2021: New Year, New Teams, New Focus, Same Principles

Written by John on Mar 14 2021, 15:52 in All Things Miraheze.

Hello everyone, it's been a while since we last produced a blog post for publication - we've definitely been busy in 2020 but just haven't written about it! Now we are three months into 2021, I thought it would be an opportunity to inform everyone in a more detailed way about Miraheze's technical team restructuring.


Miraheze's Future

Written by John on Dec 26 2019, 06:20 in All Things Miraheze.

In July 2015, @John and @Southparkfan created a new wiki farm - named Miraheze. Through the use of community crowdfunding and personal investment, Miraheze officially went live in August of 2015. Over the last four and a half years, the project has grown immensely to be one of the largest and most recognisable wiki farms specialising in MediaWiki on offer. Despite the success and evolution, one aspect of Miraheze never changed - formal existence. From 2015 until recently, Miraheze has always existed in the name of one person only, with that person having total legal and financial control over the project. For those who do not know the history of Miraheze, this particular aspect was the downfall of a previous project most of the initial technical volunteer were involved with.


ManageWikiPermissions Reaches the Next Evolution

Written by John on Apr 22 2019, 21:21 in All Things Miraheze.

Just over 7 months ago, I announced the release of ManageWikiPermissions. It is fair to say over the past few months, this module of ManageWiki has evolved immensely with many new features and even a page redesign. I can now finally say ManageWikiPermissions is deemed a 'completed feature' which now provides all the functionality most users would want!


Miraheze launches self requested dumps!

Written by Paladox on Apr 6 2019, 18:30 in All Things Miraheze.

Miraheze is always looking for improvements! We have improved significantly over the last year! From giving wikis more control over how their wiki is configured to significant infrastructure changes behind the scene.


ManageWikiNamespaces: Collating Pages More Easily

Written by John on Dec 28 2018, 00:16 in All Things Miraheze.

After the successful release of ManageWikiPermissions, I embarked upon the next major feature we had planned for ManageWiki, namespace implementation. After what is arguably one of the most successful years for Miraheze, I am pleased to announce that we will be rounding 2018 off with the release of namespace management within ManageWiki - giving Miraheze wikis more features to empower their goals. We are expecting to enable ManageWikiNamespace on all Miraheze wiki at 17:00 UTC on Sunday, 30th of December 2018.


Operations in 2018: The Story So Far!

Written by Paladox on Oct 1 2018, 21:24 in All Things Miraheze.

The world doesn't stand still and so don't we. Just like for the past few years, Miraheze's Operations team has been working on major projects. In this blog post we want to explain you what we have been doing in 2018!


Potentially Breaking Security Changes

Written by John on Sep 23 2018, 01:15 in All Things Miraheze.

As part of Miraheze's continued commitment to ensuring users privacy and security remains at the forefront of our efforts, we are announcing the intention to drop support for some old and weak TLS versions and TLS Ciphers.


ManageWikiPermissions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Written by John on Sep 15 2018, 02:15 in All Things Miraheze.

Recently, we released the latest development to the ManageWiki project, ManageWikiPermissions. This feature implements new technology into ManageWiki which, to date, we've been unable to use to create performance improvements with and of course allows yet another integral part of a MediaWiki to be customisable by individual wikis quickly.