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  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Apr 26 2020, 10:49 (221 w, 22 h)
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Vanyar [ Global Accounts ]

Recent Activity

Mar 10 2021

Vanyar created T6942: Changes for Discord Notifications possible on
Mar 10 2021, 11:49 · Universal Omega, Configuration, Technology-Team (MediaWiki)

May 23 2020

Vanyar added a comment to T5637: Allow anonymous editing.

@Reception123 I already checked the permissions and the *-group already has the "edit" permission - that user group always had the edit permission. However, they still can't edit.
I also checked the extension and disabled the "Edit Subpages" extension (I thought it may cause this), but it didn't help either. That's why we don't know what to do anymore :-/

May 23 2020, 09:00 · MediaWiki
Vanyar created T5637: Allow anonymous editing.
May 23 2020, 08:38 · MediaWiki

May 4 2020

Vanyar added a comment to T5534: Creating new namespace not working.

So, it does work now to create new namespace. However, since I am able to create new namespaces, a new bug have appeared that everyone on the wiki have. We can't use the visual editor anymore. It stopped working around the time you wrote that I can now create name spaces. I'm not sure if it really has something to do with it or if it's just a weird bug we all are experiencing though.
I already checked the settings, the visual editor is turned on.

May 4 2020, 15:03 · Amanda Catherine, ManageWiki
Vanyar updated the task description for T5534: Creating new namespace not working.
May 4 2020, 09:47 · Amanda Catherine, ManageWiki
Vanyar created T5534: Creating new namespace not working.
May 4 2020, 09:46 · Amanda Catherine, ManageWiki

Apr 28 2020

Vanyar created T5486: Categories being deleted in templates.
Apr 28 2020, 07:05 · Upstream, Extensions

Apr 27 2020

Vanyar created T5483: Extension: DynamicSidebar.
Apr 27 2020, 16:53 · Extensions, Configuration

Apr 26 2020

Vanyar created T5475: Wikibase causing "No match was found" on search.
Apr 26 2020, 11:04 · Configuration