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  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Jun 10 2022, 14:04 (109 w, 1 d)
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SevenSpheres [ Global Accounts ]

Recent Activity

Jun 11 2023

SevenSpheres created T10951: Image dump for celwpwiki.
Jun 11 2023, 19:12 · Technology-Team (MediaWiki), DataDump

Jul 8 2022

SevenSpheres added a comment to T9511: Add configuration "VectorDefaultSkinVersionForNewAccounts" & "VectorDefaultSkinVersionForExistingAccounts" .

I've recently seen this issue on other wikis using the Timeless skin, such as deepsky and the tuscriaturas family of wikis - viewed logged out they use Timeless, but viewed logged in they use Vector 2022. To see Timeless when logged in, I have to change my preferences on each wiki (resetting to default preferences works), even though I didn't previously change any preferences on those wikis and I ensured I don't have any global preferences set.

Jul 8 2022, 18:42 · Technology-Team (MediaWiki), MediaWiki

Jun 16 2022

SevenSpheres closed T9363: Logo image set as wordmark; unable to revert as Resolved.

The upgrade to MediaWiki 1.38 seems to have fixed this issue. I've now removed the wordmark image on the wiki in question.

Jun 16 2022, 00:45 · ManageWiki, Technology-Team (MediaWiki)

Jun 10 2022

SevenSpheres created T9363: Logo image set as wordmark; unable to revert.
Jun 10 2022, 14:25 · ManageWiki, Technology-Team (MediaWiki)