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  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Jan 26 2019, 20:16 (285 w, 18 h)
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K6ka [ Global Accounts ]

Weird is normal. Normal is weird.

Recent Activity

Nov 18 2023

K6ka created T11431: "" doesn't redirect to "".
Nov 18 2023, 14:35 · SSL, Technology-Team (MediaWiki), MediaWiki

Jun 13 2023

K6ka created T10962: Image dump for The Sims Wiki.
Jun 13 2023, 22:10 · DataDump, Technology-Team (MediaWiki)

Apr 12 2021

K6ka added a comment to T7055: Problem with importing data to the Talk:AjaxPoll namespace.

I imported the .xml file uploaded here to one of my Miraheze wikis as a test. The wiki has the AJAXPoll extension enabled, but does not have an "AjaxPoll" namespace registered. The import worked without a hitch, so I don't think it's an .xml issue.

Apr 12 2021, 22:37 · MediaWiki, Technology-Team (MediaWiki)

Mar 15 2020

K6ka triaged T5328: Users getting "The provided authentication token is either expired or invalid." when attempting to log in as High priority.
Mar 15 2020, 13:35 · MediaWiki, Technology-Team

Jan 18 2020

K6ka created T5118: Import for The Sims Wiki.
Jan 18 2020, 20:22 · MediaWiki, Import

Dec 31 2019

K6ka added a comment to T4699: Module /doc subpages not using wikitext as page content model.

The issue still appears for me. The code editor is still loading when trying to create a new /doc subpage.

Dec 31 2019, 15:53 · Configuration, Universal Omega, Extensions

Dec 4 2019

K6ka added a comment to T4813: "Welcome to 'wiki name'" appears every time the source or visual editor is opened.

The wrong bug seems to have been fixed? The "Welcome to <wiki>" message still appears whenever I open the edit window.

Dec 4 2019, 15:38 · Upstream, MediaWiki

Sep 6 2019

K6ka created T4699: Module /doc subpages not using wikitext as page content model.
Sep 6 2019, 12:40 · Configuration, Universal Omega, Extensions

May 15 2019

K6ka created T4368: Allow users to change the namespaces VisualEditor is enabled for in ManageWiki.
May 15 2019, 00:53 · Amanda Catherine, ManageWiki, Configuration

May 6 2019

K6ka created T4349: Provide an option to disable "Delete Protection".
May 6 2019, 23:32 · Configuration

May 4 2019

K6ka added a comment to T4333: External images not working.

The image whitelist was imported from our Wikia wiki. I can't speak for all of the entries currently on the list, but there are a few that we want enabled for a variety of reasons:

May 4 2019, 13:02 · Technology-Team

Apr 30 2019

K6ka created T4333: External images not working.
Apr 30 2019, 16:26 · Technology-Team

Apr 23 2019

K6ka triaged T4317: "Fatal exception of type MWException" when accessing The Sims Wiki as Unbreak Now! priority.
Apr 23 2019, 00:23 · Amanda Catherine

Apr 15 2019

K6ka created T4286: TemplateWizard extension not enabling through ManageWiki.
Apr 15 2019, 23:33 · MediaWiki

Apr 13 2019

K6ka created T4276: UrlShortener and URL redirect not working on The Sims Wiki.
Apr 13 2019, 03:07 · MediaWiki

Mar 23 2019

K6ka created T4213: Enable $wgEchoMentionStatusNotifications for all wikis.
Mar 23 2019, 14:41 · Configuration

Mar 3 2019

K6ka created T4168: Allow comments to be displayed in recent changes for The Sims Wiki.
Mar 3 2019, 02:41 · Configuration

Feb 24 2019

K6ka added a comment to T4140: Duplicated "Create/Edit source" buttons on custom namespaces.

I noticed this issue on I created a "Fanon" and a "Game guide" namespace for the wiki, which is when I noticed the issue. I just checked and the issue seems to have "fixed" itself; the first "Edit" button for VisualEditor editing no longer appears on either namespace, leaving just the "Edit source" button.

Feb 24 2019, 23:07 · MediaWiki
K6ka created T4140: Duplicated "Create/Edit source" buttons on custom namespaces.
Feb 24 2019, 21:46 · MediaWiki

Feb 21 2019

K6ka triaged T4122: Blog Page extension not enabling as Normal priority.
Feb 21 2019, 15:08 · Amanda Catherine, ManageWiki
K6ka updated K6ka.
Feb 21 2019, 01:08