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Dec 25 2021, 13:52 (120 w, 3 d)
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Jan 18 2022

H-Games added a comment to T8520: [spnatiwiki] Expat licensing. exists, you could pick from there; haven't seen one for the Expat version specifically (nor does Expat, the XML parser library after which the license is named, seem to have a logo/icon itself).

Jan 18 2022, 03:49 · Universal Omega, Configuration, MediaWiki (SRE)

Jan 5 2022

H-Games added a comment to T8520: [spnatiwiki] Expat licensing.

Got it. I see, because the copyleft/viral 'SA' clause of Fandom's [ default] CC-By-SA license is omitted in Expat, being what the FSF calls a 'lax' license.

Jan 5 2022, 01:19 · Universal Omega, Configuration, MediaWiki (SRE)

Dec 26 2021

H-Games created T8520: [spnatiwiki] Expat licensing.
Dec 26 2021, 22:33 · Universal Omega, Configuration, MediaWiki (SRE)
H-Games added a comment to T8518: Import for

Actually, I thought special:import had failed, but it looks like it did work, just threw a 502 afterward. So, nevermind; thanks for bearing with me.

Dec 26 2021, 20:06 · MediaWiki (SRE), MediaWiki
H-Games created T8518: Import for
Dec 26 2021, 18:58 · MediaWiki (SRE), MediaWiki