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Files missing after migration
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Plenty of files seem to be missing after the migration to Swift.
Check for example the following page and look at the left column:
Hundreds of pages are in the same situation.
Let me know if I can do something, thank you.


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Agent_Isai triaged this task as Normal priority.
Agent_Isai added projects: Swift, MediaWiki (SRE).

If you click on the images which appear missing, you'll see that they're not actually missing but rather that the thumbnail is so the file is safe. The images don't report a 404 (missing) but rather a 503 (server took too long to respond). This will likely continue until image migration concludes. I apologise for the issue but we're looking into ways to fix this sooner as we know images are vital to most wikis. I'm closing this as 'declined' because SRE isn't going to take action in this specific ticket but rather we are tracking this issue on a different ticket. Thanks.