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Request to install Skin:Splash
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Hi! We're just setting up a new wiki for a fantasy LARP and we'd like to use this skin:

I see it was requested in the past (, but that request got closed because the wiki requesting it was since deleted. Didn't know wether to comment there or open a new issue since that one was closed.

The skin's repo ( doesn't seem to be very actively maintained, but it seems to have a few commits in the past year, last being 6 weeks ago, so it might work.

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@Universal_Omega are you able to do this or can I make a Pull Request to add it?

@Bukkit It has to be security reviewed.

Isn't it already? It says that it's Reviewed, Approved?

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Mar 5 2023, 19:02

I think I reviewed this, unless I selected the wrong workboard... I might want to take another look as I can't remember for sure.

Now available via ManageWiki/extensions -> skins tab