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Page-count discrepancy between DPL and category trackers
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On this category page in my conlang project, the "Pages in category" tally is one ahead of what DPL reports, and has been that way for quite a few months now; exactly when this started happening, I'm not quite sure. (At press time, DPL: 2,407; MW: 2,408.) All other DPL tallies in the "nth-level words" series are in sync with MW's.

Just so the stats are reliable, can any staff technician--most likely UO--remind me what the missing page is?

(Filing delayed by practically a week due to a host of commitments on my site, and condolences to the Queen and 9/11's remembered.)

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Does {{PAGESINCATEGORY:categoryname}} not work for your needs in this instance? But it is likely another issue with the page counts in DPL3, which I have been looking inti lately a bit.

Does {{PAGESINCATEGORY:categoryname}} not work for your needs in this instance?

Good catch. (I might switch to that as a workaround/substitute.)

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Since there is a workaround and also I am working on fixes for the counts in DPL3 directly, closing as invalid. However, I will note, that as of today, DPL3 is no longer fully maintained (except for emergency patches) on any MediaWiki version less than the upcoming 1.39 LTS release (T9446) so no guarantees on additionally, semi-minor bug fixes being deployed to DPL3 until Miraheze is on 1.39, probably this November or December.