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Many files were not imported to our wiki (
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Some months ago, I sent the admins an archive containing the files of our wiki. This included images, but also track designs and saved games. But only the images were imported. This is easy to see on pages like this one, which is now full of red links:

I’d like the admins to upload this other content as well. If necessary, I can provide an archive with just the missing files quite easily.

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@Gymnasiast Please do provide a zip with the missing files.

These should be all missing files, including their respective .desc files:


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These should be all missing files, including their respective .desc files:


Hello, that uploaded file is not accessible to us due something with Phabricator, files default to hidden to everyone but the user who uploaded them, can you please grant the view permission? Thanks!

Hi, I couldn’t find any option for it, so I uploaded the files to my webserver instead. Here is a download link:

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This appears to have completed (does not seem to be on-going anymore)