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Is there any reason you can't use nuke? This does need review.

Nuke doesn't seem to show imported pages.

I consulted the MediaWiki Help pages before requesting this feature, and it seems to let you delete pages massively, without the restriction the Nuke Extension apparently has.

I am very new at this, so maybe there is a better way or I just don't know how to use Nuke appropriately.

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There is a limit on the "bigdelete" because of technical limtations. The DeleteBatch extension is based on the maintenance script DeleteBatch.php which should only be used by sysadmins. Nuke should show imported pages, if not there is another problem, not Nuke itself.

What is the technical limitation, really? I thought that bigdelete was mainly about protecting major pages from accidental deletion.

I'm not sure exactly. I mostly said what John and NDKilla said on this PR:

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My comment in that PR is it. Queries that are large can cause OOMs, memory exhaustation, high loads and so on.

It's an arbitrary number That's not evaluated since we've changed the DB infra a lot since it was added.

OK, got it. Also that PR hilariously would not have worked.

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