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Add configuration "VectorDefaultSkinVersionForNewAccounts" & "VectorDefaultSkinVersionForExistingAccounts"
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Hi, I want to make configuration "VectorDefaultSkinVersionForNewAccounts" & "VectorDefaultSkinVersionForExistingAccounts" from the Skin "Vector" as an option in ManageWiki. Because Vector-2022 is causing problem for our wiki and if people have to use Vector we do much rather use the original Vector.

It was mentioned briefly on discord yesterday link and hopefully it can become a possible option. As we aren't very found of Vector-2022 in our wiki and I know other wikis and people who have similar feelings, so I'm sure multiple people will have a benefit with including these configurations.

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I've recently seen this issue on other wikis using the Timeless skin, such as deepsky and the tuscriaturas family of wikis - viewed logged out they use Timeless, but viewed logged in they use Vector 2022. To see Timeless when logged in, I have to change my preferences on each wiki (resetting to default preferences works), even though I didn't previously change any preferences on those wikis and I ensured I don't have any global preferences set.

Reception123 closed this task as Invalid.EditedJul 9 2022, 05:32

You can change back to normal vector by going to Special:ManageWiki/settings -> Styling -> Default skin and setting the default skin to 'vector' (not 'vector-2022')

Since you want to set it for new accounts and existing, it makes sense to just set the skin to regular Vector for the whole wiki

Unknown Object (User) changed the task status from Invalid to Declined.Jul 9 2022, 05:42

Just to note I also fixed the issue that this task was created for today. The issue will not be present on new wikis, but wikis already visited that had the preference overriden on visit will need to be manually reset.

Changing to declined since this waa a valid request with more context given on Discord, but not something that is needed anymore.