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Import images to our wiki
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We are the star citizen wiki Chinese version( We need migrating all images from the star citizen wiki(

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@CxJuice Could you please either send the images via sre[at]miraheze[dot]org or send us a link to a Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega.NZ, etc?

@Reception123 These two wiki are all from Mediawiki .Can you copy them in the server? In that way we don't need to download all of them. Or you can tell us how to download all images in one Mediawiki.Thanks for your help!

Hello! This is DuskFyre, an administrator from the Wiki.

How can we transfer all images/media from our Mediawiki site to the Miraheze site mentioned by CxJuice, preserving all the file information such as copyright and categorization? We haven't found any easy guides for this kind of export/import

Thank you!

You would need to have them all downloaded and zipped and then send them to us and we would download them to our servers and automatically upload them to your wiki. Copyright and categorisation should remain through the XML dump.

Reception123 changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 23 2022, 07:46

I apologise for the incovenience, but due to the fact that we have very little image space left for the moment (until we upgrade) this will have to be paused for the time being.

If you wish to import content/pages, that's unaffected and can be done at

This comment was removed by StarA.

@Recepition123 I would like to know about the upgrade, is there a clear plan or time at the moment? Or what conditions have to be met? What can we do? Where can we see the relevant information?

At the moment there isn't a precise plan yet, but there should be one soon.

@StarA This can now be done but it seems the Google Drive link is no longer accessible.

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Per above, if this is still needed, please reopen and provide us with the correct link again. Thank you, and apologies for how long it took to be able to do this.