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1.38 update may have broken license
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A user is reporting that tannenwaldwiki (which is allegedly set to All rights reserved) and historikawiki (which is allegedly set to CC BY-NC) are showing as Creative Commons Share-Alike, and that they tried updating the license and it shows as Creative Commons Sharealike no matter what they do. This may have been related to the 1.38 update.

I can't investigate this myself due to having no higher server access. Can someone with SRE powers look into this? @Reception123 @Paladox @Universal_Omega

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Now fixed.

Clarasiir subscribed.

This is an issue my wiki is still having. Our license is set to CC BY-NC 4.0, but on edit pages the text above the "save changes" button reads as "Please note that all contributions to The Obey Me Wiki are considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (see The Obey Me Wiki:Copyrights for details)."

It displayed correctly before the update, and the Content License in ManageWiki is listed correctly, so there's nothing for me to change.

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The icon displayed is correct, the text is not. I don't know why though, as it really should be....

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Oh, actually I do have an idea...

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This has now been fixed again. Apologies for the inconvenience

No worries, and thank you very much!