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Fixing automatic import summary for bnwikiwiki
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Currently this wiki import summary defined,
উইকিপিডিয়া:Bn:$1 or উইকিপিডিয়া:En:$1. But it makes an error, উইকিপিডিয়া is our project namespace prefix, that why this summary makes an red links. It's should need to defined as bn:$1 or en:$1.

Also please consider to delete this interwiki prefix from server side. Thanks


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I personally don't know how this can even be done, or if it's possible at all to fix the import summary. But it might be. I just don't know how.

I'm a bit confused, could you please send a page which has an edit summary?

That was not happened on mymensinghwiki, two wiki has similar configuration. (T8499)

I think I know what might be happening. @MdsShakil, did you tick the box to locally assign edits where the user exists locally or no? If not, think this is a bug with non-English (more specifically, non-Latin character wikis) in translating the User: namespace, which is মডিউল: on this wiki. For users with Bengali script usernames, there's no issue and their edits would be locally assigned. For users without Latin script usernames, such as MusikAnimal in the first case, there's likely an issue. Of course, this is all dependent on whether or not MdsShakil locally assigned edits. If he did not, then that is the issue. If he did, then my likely theory is the issue, which would make this an upstream bug (assuming to be MediaWiki core, since Special:Import is part of MediaWiki, as far as I'm aware).

@Dmehus, After your comments i import two pages for two ways, but their is nothing for changes.

  1. Assign edit -
  2. Not assign edit -

Unfortunately as far as I have understood from this request (which perhaps may have been wrong) I don't see anything that can be done as I don't think edit summaries can be edited like that.