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Adding a TXT record for
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We use a custom domain for our wiki (namely We have set the nameservers for the domain to Miraheze’s.

Now we want to add a TXT record. According to this page, this has to be added on your side.

The contents of the TXT record should be as follows:



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Gymnasiast created this task.
Herald added subscribers: Unknown Object (User), Unknown Object (User), RhinosF1. · View Herald TranscriptMay 28 2022, 10:25

You should be able to use the html tag method via WikiSEO if you don't want to wait but we'll be able to do this.

I can wait, it’s Low priority after all. ;-)

Dmehus subscribed.

I can do this task in the next several days, if that's okay?

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 30 2022, 07:33

I can do it within the next 30 minutes if you want also.

No reason to wait several days. Anyone can make a PR in a few minutes for this.

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Now done.