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[ACCESS REQUEST] Expanded access for Universal Omega
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Shell name: universalomega
Requested access: puppet-users

Rationale for access: Doing even public keys of SSL requests is now done on puppet111 (requiring puppet-users), I have been doing quite a few SSL requests lately, and would like to continue with that.

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I've discussed this request with John and have decided to approve this request. @Universal_Omega has done quite a few SSL certificates recently and is also planning to automate pushing certs to GitHub which would make it easier to handle SSL requests as quickly as possible., so another person being able to help out with them would be welcome.

On a side note, it emerged from the discussions that puppet-users is no longer really appropriate since -users only refers to groups that don't have sudo access. At the same time, the name puppet in itself isn't really appropriate as the group doesn't have anything to do with puppet itself, especially now when there's no more adding of keys to the private repo either. In order to ensure consistency with the existing service we call 'letsencrypt', the new name for the group will now be letsencrypt-admins.

I definitely support this as it is nice to have somebody besides me and reception who can handle ssl.