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Founder Usergroup Rights required for FampediaTech Wiki
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I'm WolfMan and I'm founder of FamepediaTech wiki, so I Requested to Created Founder Usergroup Rights required for FampediaTech Wiki.Thanks.
My Wiki url- https://famepediatech.miraheze. org

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@RhinosF1 please can you edit the form, the policy stuff

Excelsis lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.May 27 2022, 10:17

@Jiggyziz If you're referring to the Founder user group, then you can do that via, Special:ManageWiki/permissions, the insert founder into the create new group box, and click on the button below it, you can add the rights that you want to give the founder group too, then save.

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@Ugochimobi, but founder edit all user right of our wiki but in my wiki there have no extension of (Edit all user rights) </Code>(userrights)</Code>I'm a founder of famepediatechwiki, so I required this userright extension on my wiki.. Please do anything. 😔. Regards.

We do not allow anyone to edit all rights

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RhinosF1 changed the edit policy from "Custom Policy" to "All Users".
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@Jiggyziz the userrights right is only ascribed to Stewards, because it's a global thingy, if it's given to the founder group of your wiki, it means you can have full control over even metawiki. So basically, you can't have it, I think the most you can give to that group is the managewiki right, since it seems to be the highest local right.

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I'd go ahead and close as invalid as there's literally nothing that can be done from this end, all you need to do is right on ManageWiki/permissions.

It's because you'd be able to promote yourself to CheckUser & Oversight. The local steward group is mainly only for allowing stewards to edit user groups that don't exist on meta.

@Ugochimobi and @RhinosF1 Thanks for This Information, now this Request Mark as closed 😔Regards