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Fix stuck global rename for Vardan97
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New username: Vardan97

Current username/global rename progress: permalink

Reason stuck: Existing, known bug where the first attached wiki is a deleted wiki

Contemplated triaging as UBN, but Universal Omega is likely active, so triaging at high since it's been 24 hours

Thank you

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Dmehus triaged this task as High priority.May 26 2022, 02:21
Dmehus created this task.
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Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 26 2022, 05:08

but Universal Omega is likely active

I'm not around my PC today. I decided to take a break for today and probably tomorrow also. Though since this is high priority, I'll get on in an hour or two and do it if it's not already done by then.

Reception123 claimed this task.

No need, done!

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 26 2022, 06:24

No need, done!

Thank you!