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Allow users to pre-select some basic settings for their wiki from the wiki request form
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Per the results of the Community Wishlist Survey and following the approval of this idea by SRE, the wiki request form should be extended to allow for users to customize some basic settings on their wiki from the wiki request form. The original entry asked for allowing a skin to be selected from the wiki request form but this could probably be extended to encompass a few other options like requiring an email to edit and such.

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I'd suggest maybe doing this like other websites where there's a basic/default option and a "I want to customize more" option. And also consider whether we want to instead do this when a user first accesses a wiki instead of on request.

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Noting that another idea very much related to this would be to allow a sort of 'default templates and infoboxes' package as it's something that often comes up.

Something I'll add is that this is now available in WikiForge's setup, so we may be able to take from there. Might be easier than creating from scratch ourselves (see, licenses permitting of course.