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Can't patrol or edit new user pages using the SocialProfile extension
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My wiki uses the SocialProfile extension and there seems to be some kind of issue with it. First off, because for some reason the "mark as patrolled" link doesn't show up anywhere on my wiki except on "diff" pages, I've had to rely on using the Moderation extension to find my way to the link and be able to patrol new pages. This method isn't working with new user pages that use the SocialProfile version, because instead of showing the revision info at the top of the page, it just shows the user page as if I was visiting it normally.

I also for some reason can't edit these new SocialProfile user pages. As the wiki's bureaucrat I'm able to edit other people's user pages, but while I can edit the blank wiki user pages for these users, I can't edit the SocialProfile versions. When I click the "edit user" button, the page just refreshes instead.

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The first issue is normal with SocialProfile. There’s nothing we can do about this and this is a known limitation with SocialProfile.

Regarding the second issue, try going to Special:EditProfile and using that to edit a user’s profile.

I see, I didn't know about patrolling SocialProfile pages being an issue. That's really unfortunate. I was indeed able to edit the user pages by going to Special:EditProfile. Seems odd that the regular edit button doesn't work, or even give any message as to why it isn't working. SocialProfile seems to have some strange complications for a stable extension, but thank you for helping with it.

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Second issue seems resolved and the first issue is a known limitation as Agent mentioned.

If it isn't actually resolved do feel free to reopen.

Regarding the limitation with SocialProfile, you could try opening a feature request here: (and using the "SocialProfile" tag)