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Skin review: Astra & Pure
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Hey there! Just wanted to request if I can get Aether, Astra, Pure, and BlueSpiceCalumma for my wiki here? I'm trying to test out these skins on my wiki to see which one works best for me aesthetically.

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Please note that all of these skins will first need a security review.

Doubt the last one will make it, though; Miraheze has turned down BlueSpice material time and again in the past. The others are looking good, but it might take a few days until approval (depending on the Phabricator backlog).

Aether has already been recently declined for security reasons (T8603#174035), there's no reason to believe something has changed.

BlueSpiceCalumma is declined per T8038#162087.

Astra and Pure can be reviewed.

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Astra declined due to the structure of its host GitHub repository. It isn't at its base, but in MediaWikiWordpressThemes/Astra, making wfLoadSkin( 'Astra' ); incompatible, since we use Git submodules for installations. Pure is declined due to only intermediate maintenance, some incompatibility concerns for modern MediaWiki (as well as some more recent PHP versions as well), poor code standards with hard readability, and no descriptive commit messages in history. I don't feel comfortable approving it. I apologise for the inconvenience.