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Purchase C13 to C14 Power Cables and Replace Borrowed Ones
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C13 to C14 power cables were needed to hook up to the PDU in the datacenter, we purchased C13s to UK Standard ones.

We currently have 4 on loan from the provider, but these need replacing with our own. We would need 6 for server redundant power, and 1 for the switch. Buying in bulk is better, so let's get an additional 3 to prevent having to purchase them again in a few months time.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.Dec 30 2021, 13:02
John created this task.

I have planned to go Friday late afternoon to complete the work for this task.

All cables have been swapped now - 7 are on site in use (1 for the switch, 3x2 for servers + redundant power). I have 3 in my possession still which I am storing until we require them.