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Custom Domain Request
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Wiki URL:

Your custom domain:

Do you want Let's Encrypt: Yes

I believe I have already done this, but my wiki went dormant and things probably got messed up. Very sorry about that!

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Phabricator is not for requesting custom domains. Instead, please follow the steps at Meta.

Have you read it? Phabricator is.

Please stop posting nonsense on tasks.

Apologies for the first comment, it was incorrect.

Your request looks good and the domain is correctly pointing to our servers. A systems administrator will process your request shortly.

I'm confused. I was following the steps on Meta and it took me here. Per the Meta guide:

Make the request!: Once you've done the steps above and have chosen who will provide the SSL certificate, make the request on Phabricator. In the form, all you need to do is provide your wiki's current subdomain, your desired domain, and whether or not you'll use Let's Encrypt (us handling the SSL) or if you'll provide an SSL certificate yourself.

There is a button underneath this step that takes you to Phabricator.

EDIT: I just saw the responses from RhinosF1 and Agent_Isai. Thank you!

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Done. Sorry about the confusion caused above.