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cargoRecreateData.php to fix "stuck" deleted page (found workaround so it hopefully doesn't happen again)
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Could someone please run Cargo extension maintenance script: cargoRecreateData.php on our wiki for all tables? We noticed that our 3 tables are affected by deleted pages still populating in results, despite cache cleared and a week having passed, as can be seen still populating in query results here. We figured out a workaround to prevent it (if the template used on the page to be deleted, is first deleted and page saved, when that page is deleted it no longer displays in cargo tables/query results). We'll use that workaround from now on, but meanwhile, if we could please have the data recreated for all (a total of 3) Cargo tables, that would be great.


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To clarify, I'd just do it on the cargo tables page, however one of the tables is generated by an extra mediawiki Cargo config and cannot be regenerated via the interface, it can only be regenrated by maintenance script.

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In progress.

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