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Request for Requirement of Template editors Right and Template editor protection level on my wiki
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Can you help me with this issue, my wiki needs template editing rights or more template editor protection level to have special protection on mold, can you activate this protection on my wiki with this right? This is my humble request to you

If I understand correctly, you only want users in a certain group to be able to edit tempates?

Yes! But I'm asking if I want to implement edit=allow only admins and template editors on my wiki which only admins and template editors can edit templates?

Okay, so I submitted a PR, let's wait for it to be approved then you'd have what you want :)

@Ugochimobi very - very thanks

Yay, @Reception123 (thank you) just merged it now, and I believe changes will start ti reflect as soon as possible @Jiggyziz

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