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Extension Request: SimpleBatchUpload
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Can the SimpleBatchUpload extension, please be evaluated for enabling?

We're wanting a multi-file uploade, the existing Miraheze MsUpload extension has problems for our use-case:

  • Requires navigating to individual categories and pages, and editing them to upload images to relevant category.
  • Provides no way to categorize images inserted on-page, resulting in uncategorized images, creating admin maintenance.
  • Our templates pick up relevant images based on page name, insertion in-page is problematic and creates doubles.
  • If done on pages/categories it bypasses upload notices such as MediaWiki:Uploadtext, with no way to add upload messages.
  • If high-abuse category pages are locked, users can't upload to them, maintenance problem, making MsUpload impractical.

With SimpleBatchUpload, we can:

  • Create upload pages for different image types.
  • Have high-abuse categories locked without affecting uploads to it.
  • Preload upload text.
  • Create buttons or links for uploading specific things, with upload text set.

Our former multiupload.js doesn't work on newer version of Miraheze MW and are tired of figuring out how to fix/modernize it each MW update, we'd really appreciate a more flexible extension like SimpleBatchUpload. We already saw that UploadWizard was declined due to being to Wikimedia-centric, this extension seems maintained by another farm, to be stable, and not be in beta. Hopefully it is a good candidate.

Thanks in advance for looking into it!

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Previously declined per T4442#84810 though I'm unsure if circumstances have changed since that.

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In T8276#167032, @Agent_Isai wrote:

Previously declined per T4442#84810 though I'm unsure if circumstances have changed since that.

I believe that is still the same.

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As a note, I did successfully get a version of MultiUpload JavaScript working a little while ago. I don't know how portable it is or if the version I added to devwiki still works, but

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Ah, I didn't find that one, sorry. Probably had a typo in my search. The only change since T4442 is the part about "many other batch upload extensions already installed" --I think it's just MSUpload now, since the others fell unmaintained, and if folks need protected categories with that they're out of luck.

Thanks Universal_Omega, that was our previous one that broke, I'll add a link to that as well in our wiki admin workboard just in case. I should have known you guys would have one. :) I had just finished sourcing UploadMultipleFiles js from Fandom, then figuring out it used editToken which was depreciated in favor of csrfToken since they're way back on mw1.33. After swapping that, it also works:

I'll definitely keep both for our folks. I'm linking the second here in case someone else stumbles on this one day, they'll have a couple different options.