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Enable additional file extensions on (
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I would like to enable a few extensions belonging to files that are RollerCoaster Tycoon-related. Unfortunately, I cannot add them through Special:ManageWiki/settings, so I hope you could do this for me.

The extensions are: td4, td6, trk, sc4, sc6, sea, sv4, sv6, sv7, park, dat, parkobj


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@Gymnasiast Hi. Would you mind explaining more - what type of files are these?

No problem:

    • td4, td6, trk are track design files from RCT1, RCT2 and RCT3 respectively. When the user has designed a roller coaster that they want to use more often, they can save it to a file.
  • sc4, sc6, sea are scenario files from RCT1, RCT2 and RCT Classic, respectively. These scenarios constitute terrain to build a park on (or an already established park), combined with an objective.
  • sv4, sv6, sv7 and park are park saves from RCT1, RCT2, RCT Modified and OpenRCT2. These are used to save the park the user is working on and share it.
  • Finally, dat and parkobj are files that contain (custom) content for RCT2, RCT Classic and OpenRCT2. These are stuff like new vehicles for existing roller coasters, shops, footpaths, scenery, benches and stuff like that.
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Done, you will now be able to add them via ManageWiki/settings

Hi, just checked and it looks like most of them are enabled, but sv4 and sv6 are missing. Could you look into that?