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CSS malfunctioning
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The CSS on is not working well, the links in the sidebar reverted to the default color even if nothing has been changed in the CSS file, this happened after the update was completed and I can't seem to be able to fix it (I didn't actually tried to publish any changes I tried to make to the CSS, but the preview indeed shows that the sidebar links' colors can't be changed anymore, while other links don't have problems).

How can I fix this?

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Someone else reported this on Discord earlier, I believe.

Some of Vector (and Monobook) classes and ID were changed. Looking at your Common.css, it seems like you're still using the old ones (they don't exist anymore):

#mw-panel .portal .body ul a {color:white;}
#mw-panel .portal .body ul a:hover {text-decoration:underline;}
#mw-panel .portal .body ul a:visited {color:gray;}

You can change the #mw-panel .portal .body ul a to just .vector-menu-portal .vector-menu-content li a and make some tiny adjustments if needed.

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