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Change the configuration for the Protection banner
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After seeing task T7368, I knew the reason that make my Protection banner (riped-off from Wikipedia) did not work properly for my wiki.
In my module's config, the padlock and the banner only work when the protection level were extendedconfirmed, not editextendedconfirmedprotection.

See this page to know what happen to my page when I protected the page as editextendedconfirmedprotection without the small = 1 option.

As you would see, the banner (in Vietnamese) still displaying the Full Protection with the golden padlock - which were the default one, not the Extended Protection with the blue padlock. (Hover your mouse to the padlock on the banner)

(quoted comment for reason why I created this task:

In T7368#146883, @Hypercane wrote:

Alright, and sorry to bother you Reception, but could you please change 'editextendedconfirmedprotected' to just 'extendedconfirmed' if possible? Also, do you think the protection levels could be in the desired order I stated above? As well as making sure sysop can do that protection level? I also don't see the new user right anywhere here. Again sorry if I'm asking for too much.

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(REASON: Locally fixed)
Gonna fix it myself since this task is taking too long that make me figured out ways to fix it.
Once again, don't delay my request too long.

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I forgot few things about the task's status.