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New Server Resource Request for Cache Proxies
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Number of servers requested: 1
Service: Varnish cache proxy
Processor: 1
Memory: 2 GB
Disk: 40 GB
Network: IPv4 & IPv6

Justification for request:

Load alerts have been firing for UK cache proxies recently, causing user visible issues. These issues are almost certainly caused by high disk I/O:

afbeelding.png (378×919 px, 34 KB)

cp12 (Canada) is a £4.80/mo (incl VAT) 1 vCPU/2 GB RAM/40 GB NVMe SSD/250 Mbps unmetered VPS from OVHcloud UK. On average (last 24h), cp12 handles 134 frontend requests per second, compared to cp10's (1 out of 2 UK cp's) 39. 15m load average (last 24h) is 0.91 on cp12, compared to cp10's 2.54. cp12 has an average (last 24h) 683 read io/s, compared to cp10's 140 io/s.

Not only will the cache proxies benefit from better disk I/O performance due to the SSDs, other VMs on cloud4 and cloud5 will be able to benefit from reduced I/O on the cloud hosts.

Plan: replace cp10 and cp11 with one cache proxy in OVHcloud UK.

Endorsement by Engineering Manager (MediaWiki) or Site Reliability Engineer: @Paladox

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We should rather than do 2 vms, we should move to one for London using 2 cores and nvme disk. Matching NA. I recommend we go with the one new vm in london and getting rid of the existing 2 vms on cloud4/5

Southparkfan added a subscriber: John.

As discussed: one cache proxy in OVHcloud London (as opposed to two), same size as cp12. Either cp10 or cp11 will be reimaged as a test cache proxy, the other freed up IP will be kept for future usage.

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