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Skin review: ScratchWikiSkin2
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Hello, I want to enable the Scratch Wiki skin on my wiki. Can you please do that? Thanks.

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Reception123 renamed this task from Enabling a skin to Skin review: ScratchWikiSkin2.Apr 17 2021, 14:23
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Redmin changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Apr 17 2021, 17:57

I found an XSS vulnerability. Let's see if I can get that fixed.

Redmin changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Apr 17 2021, 18:19

Patch merged upstream.

No, it looks pretty good security-wise but I need to test it on MW 1.36.

Isn't Miraheze on version 1.35?

Isn't Miraheze on version 1.35?

Yes but it will be updated after 1.36 is released which is not too far away.

Oh okay, I have used Scratch Wiki Skin on my offline MediaWiki wiki, and it worked fine.

Works on 1.36 beta. I just realised that @John previously declined this in T3783 because of wiki-specific links leading to I want Sysadmins' opinions before making pull requests to install this.

Is it possible to create a fork of the Scratch Wiki skin and remove the Scratch logo and the link?

Yes but that would mean someone would have to maintain them and keep the fork in sync with the original version. I would rather send patches than make a fork.

@R4356th Are you planning on making PRs yourself for this?

Any status on this? If we're waiting for something to be done upstream then this task should rather be stalled.

Reception123 changed the task status from Open to Stalled.May 1 2021, 18:07
Reception123 added a project: Upstream.

Stalling for now as this is waiting for a patch to be sent upstream before a review can be undertaken.

Redmin removed a project: Upstream.

I am unfortunately declining this. The skin is way too specific to a wiki and there are links leading to all over the UI. The code is nearly unreadable and is using globals which is discouraged. Extensions which modify the UI would likely have issues with this skin (I tested the DarkMode extension which modifies the footer to confirm this.) Apologies for any inconvenience.