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Ingest PHP-FPM slowlogs into Graylog
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In the parent task, we have a timeout in PHP-FPM, but debugging is hard without a stacktrace.

We used to have these logs locally, but I have removed them because PHP-FPM does not log these to syslog.

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Added monitoring, removed production error as no stack trace/ID/link was provided for a production error

The slowlog has been readded locally, hence lowering priority (debugging is possible now). Leaving the task open though:

  1. It would be useful to correlate NGINX upstream timeouts to slowlogs in Graylog -> let syslog-ng read the slowlog, send the data to Graylog
  2. There is no logrotate configuration for the slowlogs, logs may fill up the disk in the future (but this will take years)

This does not have high priority. Can be assigned to me if you wish.

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Since local logging exists, can't this just be part of T5044?