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Add more jobrunner rate tasks to Grafana
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Per irc,

We'd like to see stats that show:

  • The number of new jobs that entered the queue in the last x minutes
  • The number of new jobs that were processed in the last x minutes

17:53:12 <RhinosF1> JohnLewis: a metric showing the number of new jobs that have come in the last x minutes and a metric show how many jobs were processed seperately
17:54:47 <RhinosF1> I want to know whether jobs are simply high because there's been a spike in jobs or @Reception123 made a jobrunner crash doing wikibackups and have no space

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Dmehus triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 11 2021, 21:43
Dmehus subscribed.

Triaging this as normal for now. Feel free to lower, or raise, as desired.

Both insertion and processing rate statistics are available readily by eye - the new graph backs up my original point for why I declined to do this, it adds no value.

With no viable expectation that anyone will do this and per the comments above, I think this should be declined.