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Unused/useless user blog posts that are yet to be deleted from Awful Movies Wiki and Greatest Movies Wiki:
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**Awful Movies Wiki:**
User blog:Jeff35155/Great characters wiki
User blog:Dominicmgm/My scores for the movies on here
User blog:Maddox121/MUST READ
User blog:Guest guy/Why Underground Short Films Suck So Hard
User blog:MiiFan2004/Why does this ceremony even exist?
User blog:SportsGenius/Movies that should be added to this wiki
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/ANNOUCEMENT
User blog:TomCat9000/Reverse Awful Movies Wiki
User blog:9255balcells1/Where's List of Awful Movies
User blog:Zombieguy2006/New movie suggestions
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/I created a new wiki
User blog:Wolfermellon/A question about a "movie" I'd like to add
User blog:Makkat1/Wikipedia’s blocking policy is somewhat broken
User blog:MiiFan2004/I created a new wiki again
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/I created a new wiki again
User blog:Wolfermellon/Linking to the Greatest Movies Wiki
User blog:ThisIsMorgan/Appologies.
User blog:Zachary bee/What was the first ever page on this site?
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/Just asking but...
User blog:Itsadrak32001/should Joshua and the promise lands go on awful movies wiki
User blog:Dylan galaz/Terrible movies wiki got closed
User blog:TDalyyyy1998/Animated rip-offs
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/Okay, I'm getting really sick of this.
User blog:MiiFan2004/Why?
User blog:LoudHouseFan777/Well CR@P!
User blog:TDalyyyy1998/The Last Airbender
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/Please Stop
User blog:Jeff35155/Actors With Their Own Pages
User blog:JoeTheGreat1000/New Wikia (Bad Commercials)
User blog:Oosernahm/New bad movie review site!
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/Please stop adding this page
User blog:Scarlet2435/DC Extended Universe Future
User blog:Edunk5/Why was the Body Rock page deleted?
User blog:Oosernahm/First Movie Review - Blues Brothers 2000
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/Why?
User blog:LandonFoster1/Batman & Robin
User blog:JeagerEX12/Alyas Batman en Robin (a.k.a Filipino Batman and Robin)
User blog:Cpend7/The reviews of TTGTtM
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/Why does this ceremony even exist?
User blog:Makkat1/Weird idea for a category
User blog:Angrybirdsfan/Here We Go Again
User blog:LoudHouseFan777/It's Almost Here...
User blog:Cpend7/Breaking News - Upcoming 2018 animated movie
User blog:MiiFan2004/STOP JUST STOP

Greatest Movies Wiki:
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/ANNOUCEMENT
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/I want my new category to keep growing!
User blog:Masson Thief/Success
...for your dedication; most of all I want to thank you for having trusted a user who came out of nowhere (me) because for all you knew I just could have bee
User blog:Masson Thief/Small changes on the wikia
...ved by the front page for design purposes. This obviously means that every user who was used to quickly check the activity simply by visiting the main page
User blog:CoinyPinDonutBunch/CPDB's Guide To Making Pages On This Wiki

Hopefully you know what these ones are, so go right ahead and remove them as soon as you can.

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Awful movies done. Greatest Movies Wiki is only 5 pages, so I think it's unnecessary to use the script for that as they can easily be deleted on the wiki itself.

Awful movies done. Greatest Movies Wiki is only 5 pages, so I think it's unnecessary to use the script for that as they can easily be deleted on the wiki itself.

I concur with that. 10 pages, okay, I can see a weak case to use deleteBatch.php, but 5 pages is easily deletable manually, I think.