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Move a list of pages
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Hello again! I've recently been using the Data Transfer extension to automate creation of various pages with similar data. Right now, I have uploaded a bunch of files to use on my wiki, but I also intended to create a redirect for each one of them, so I made a CSV and imported. For some reason, though, the "Title" part didn't detect the "File:" prefix, so it created normal pages with redirect. I wonder if would be possible to move all the pages I'm sending on the TXT below.

Update 2021-03-07: Could this be done with movePage.php or Replace Text's Command Line ( Unfortunately, it seems like moveBatch.php does not work when moving a page from a namespace to another.

Another thing: Is it possible to delete the message "There was a page here and it was moved/deleted"? Because if is, I would like to delete that on those pages as well, as it wasn't my intention to create them in the first place.

Thanks :)

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Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to move a "non file" namespace to a file namespace

FAILED: Cannot move non-file to file namespace.
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Per Reception123

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Reopened the task because I found something similar that could help with my case. Also updated the title and the description.
If any file (list) is needed, just ping me.

If it also doesn't work, this task can be closed as declined (or invalid).

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Script was run, seems to have had no effect.