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Import previous deleted private wiki XML dump for gsbwiki
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Previously deleted private wiki: gsbwiki
Date wiki database last dropped: 5 April 2020 (P290)
Original wiki request: permalink
Link to wiki recreation request: permalink

Requesting @Reception123 to investigate whether we still have an XML dump of the private wiki gsbwiki, last dropped on 5 April 2020 (P290). I'm thinking that we probably do as it's been less than a year.

If so, can you please import the XML dump to the recreated gsbwiki, assigning edits locally and using the interwiki prefix gsbwiki, which I've added to the local wiki's interwiki table? This is so the edits can be appropriately linked in the Special:Contributions pages. This manual page discusses the parameters, so it looks like --username-prefix is the parameter we want for this, though I'm not sure if it automatically assigns edits locally by default or if an additional parameter is required, @Reception123?

Please also link to this Phabricator request in the format of:

Thank you very much.

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Dmehus triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 23 2021, 00:20
Dmehus created this task.

Unfortunately, there aren't any backups for private wikis from April 2020. I'm sorry :(

If you choose to re-create your wiki, I recommend using Special:DataDump to regularly back up your wiki, or applying for an exemption to the Dormancy Policy