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List of blog posts on crappygameswiki to be deleted in Task T6882
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Please remove these useless user blog posts from the search results here:

User blog:Wikikid22/Question.
User blog:Wikikid22/About black ops 4
User blog:SoWhatMan89/Make a Bandai Namco
User blog:Luigitehplumber/The rise and Fall of Atari
User blog:Wikikid22/Should I add evolved metripd other m and DMC 2 in here?
User blog:T-002/Should we move back everything from Neutral Games wiki? Now there is a category for "Average Games".
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Mass Effect: Andromeda
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/Microsoft Bob Review Part 3
User blog:Rath460/This pretty much sums up a lot of gullible people who bought crappy games.
User blog:Zombieguy2006/MWR
User blog:MagnumFederal2/My New Avatar
User blog:MamaLuigiFan2004/Page Moving
User blog:Need4SpeedFan/My poll
User blog:Wikikid22/What cartoon characters do you think that are similar to video game companies?
User blog:Wikikid22/Hey, I made a wiki of mediocre DLC.
User blog:Matthew Cenance/iOS 11 is discontinuing 32-bit support
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/Microsoft Bob Review Part 4
User blog:YayofHearts/Has anyone thought of creating a page for Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time?
User blog:Sonicx9us/Terrible Moments in Gaming History article ideas?
User blog:My Eighth Account/This is my eighth account because my main account got blocked.
User blog:Piggyracer/Damnit
User blog:DisneyVillain/Plumbers Don't Wear Ties VS. Depression Quest
User blog:Wikikid22/What photo has the same reaction to your reactions to bad gaming related news?
User blog:Wikikid22/About black ops 4....
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Hurricane alert issued!
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/Microsoft Bob Review Part 5!
User blog:Sswag951/New wiki
User blog:Wikikid22/Should we add pre orders?
User blog:The loud house Marci 11/screenshots
User blog:Swaggy Shooter/Rotten Websites Wiki has been taken down
User blog:NibiruMul/I'm leaving this wiki
User blog:Unnamedgoon/The first ever wiki vandalization
User blog:MalachiTS2004/Homemade or instant thanksgivng?
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Don't you just love it...
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/My New Wiki
User blog:Z Grand/Worst mk characters
User blog:Wikikid22/Uh.....
User blog:Unknowngamer000/Should there be a Crappy Books Wiki
User blog:ThisIsMorgan/My GAME?
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Poll: Which fighting game is worse, Shaq Fu or Rise of the Robots?
User blog:Wikikid22/Hey uh....could you add this video in the call of duty page plase?
User blog:MalachiTS2004/Should Pewdiepie be added?
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Happy Holloween
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/New Page
User blog:WENth100/GREAT NEWS!
User blog:Magma Dragoon/Bad games to be added to this wiki
User blog:MiiFan2004/A Confession
User blog:T-002/Can I create a page about the development of this game?
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Poll: Worst PlayStation Platform Game?
User blog:SeemsGood/why my ps3 launch page was deleted?
User blog:MalachiTS2004/Why do we have an insane founder?
User blog:Matthew Cenance/How to prevent pages for games universally regarded as good from being created.
User blog:Maddox121/Crappy Games Cogs
User blog:Rath460/Discord server for Crappy Games Wiki?
User blog:Magma Dragoon/Hello!
User blog:Rebecca Gosper/Please don't block me. I won't vandalize.
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Which is the worst transition from 2D to 3D for a franchise?
User blog:PREPARETOBECAGED/Bad games
User blog:SeemsGood/Discord
User blog:Punktard/My Wiki Family
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Call of Duty: WWII Edit
User blog:MagnumFederal2/Games and companies/developers on Crappyness Scale each Crappyness level.
User blog:Rath460/Discord server for Crappy Games Wiki up and live!
User blog:Magma Dragoon/Mighty Nº 9
User blog:T-002/Please someone create an article for this game
User blog:Magma MK-II/Bad games to be added to this wiki
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Which game is worse, Bubsy 3D or Mega Man X7?
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/FACE REVEAL
User blog:Unnamedgoon/The wiki's 5th anniversary!
User blog:Neptune da Super Noscoper/Any non-Latinos here?
User blog:TheSuperKoopaBros11/My Least Favorite is
User blog:WENth100/Get Woke, Go Broke!
User blog:Unnamedgoon/IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN
User blog:WENth100/Never Trust a Gaming Company That Push Politics
User blog:MagnumFederal2/The list of my enemies
User blog:TheStarsoftheSkies/Our dear friend passed away
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/Lamestar Mechanic
User blog:Emoticon Rules!/A Confession
User blog:ShirakiinRirichiyo/Any non-Latinos here?
User blog:Shadowfan682/Another possible porting disaster page?
User blog:T-002/I've found a third game made by the same person who made Demonophobia, but I don't have got the guts to play it
User blog:Magma MK-II/Hello!
User blog:OwtheEdgehog/Happy New Years to All
User blog:Wikikid22/Huh?
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Router Bricked
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/Microsoft Bob Review Part 1
User blog:TheSuperKoopaBros11/the biggest question of all: Does Touhou Series have any bad games?
User blog:Zombieguy2006/Help!
User blog:Mario Rules EST 2005/join the terrible roblox games wiki (if possible)
User blog:SoWhatMan89/Can We Add Waluigi's Tacostand 64
User blog:Magma MK-II/Mighty Nº 9
User blog:Untitleduu/SHOuld I add the game My Bakery Empire in Crappy Games?
User blog:Wikikid22/What the? Where did the DLC and season pass page went?
User blog:Matthew Cenance/Guess the DS Game I Got Today!
User blog:B.J. Blazkowicz III/Microsoft Bob Review Part 2
User blog:TheSuperKoopaBros11/Alright guys

Please also reference [[phab:T6882|Requested]] in the deletion script's log summary

Event Timeline

DarkMatterMan4500 created this task.

And to be perfectly clear, only delete the old blogs that serve no purpose to our wiki.

@DarkMatterMan4500 It would be very helpful if you could format the blog post page names under the "page title matches" section of that search into a text file, as it saves work for busy system administrators and will help to your batch deletion request is processed more quickly. Just format as a text file and upload to the task, or create a Paste, titling the paste as something like, "List of blog posts on crappygameswiki to be deleted in Task T6882" or something.

DarkMatterMan4500 renamed this task from Tons of unused user blogs that should get deleted from Crappy Games Wiki to List of blog posts on crappygameswiki to be deleted.Feb 21 2021, 19:43

@Dmehus Got it. I'll do it right away.

DarkMatterMan4500 renamed this task from List of blog posts on crappygameswiki to be deleted to List of blog posts on crappygameswiki to be deleted in Task T6882.Feb 21 2021, 19:44

@DarkMatterMan4500 Thanks. That's not the full list, though, I'll show you how I mean this time.

No problem, and that's okay. I just wanted to see if you got what I was saying.

No problem, and that's okay. I just wanted to see if you got what I was saying.

@DarkMatterMan4500 Yep, I did, and I fixed the list above for you with this diff

Thanks. Hopefully that should take care of those useless user blogs.

Reception123 claimed this task.