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Extension: Export User Via Moviepedia
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For Moviepedia wiki i would like for system admin to please Add the Export User Extension i would like to export user's to my self hosted wiki.

Wiki i am Requesting on

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this does not Require any Additional extensions for what I am using it for.

Dmehus closed this task as Declined.EditedJan 12 2021, 19:56
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Stability wise, this is a stable extension, but given that it proposes to export the private e-mail addresses of users, I'm going to say this cannot be done, unless there's a way to disable the exporting of e-mail addresses. If it were just exporting of user pages, this would be fine. Any system administrator may feel free to revert, if in error.

I agree with @Dmehus. Exporting emails will not be possible and unless the extension proposes a way to disable that this will not be possible for privacy reasons.

Special:Export can be used to export pages, however, information such as emails will never be able to exported. I'm going to say until/if this ext makes it possible to not allow private info to be exported this will never be installed.