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Restore allatrawiki
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allatrawiki was included in the post recent list of dropped wikis despite there having been a request on Discord and/or Stewards to undelete the wiki. For whatever reason, Stewards missed undeleting it, so I have recreated the wiki, and am tagging @Reception123 on this task and will assign it to him, triaging it as normal priority, as he knows where the most recent private backups of dropped wikis are kept. (See also the request I forwarded to Stewards and the prior wiki request approval.)

Note: The requestor, @AllatRa rozcestnik, made the second largest donation to our current fundraising campaign.


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Thank you for recreating the allatrawiki wiki. From the records here, I'm not sure whether the old contents is supposed to be already restored (this request is marked as resolved so I'd suppose yes but I don't see the old content of the wiki at If restoring the contents is problematic, I can add the information again myself. What I'm most interested in is the list of Miraheze users who were in various groups of the wiki so that I could add them again. Thank you!

@AllatRa_rozcestnik we have imported a backup of your wiki that we had, however, the users will have to navigate to your wiki again so they can be readded to the user groups you create