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Wiki Request 14769 - need to update URL and database name not updated on creation
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Problem: In wiki request #14769, on my imposed condition, the requestor updated the URL to "" and the sitename to "Travelguidesworld"; however, the database name and URL remained as "travelguidemira" and "travelguidemirawiki," respectively.

Request: Per discussion with @Reception123, who is mobile, this request is mainly to ask @Paladox to update the subdomain and database name from "travelguidemira" and "travelguidemirawiki" to "travelguidesworld" and "travelguidesworldwiki," respectively. No need to leave "" as a trailing redirect; it can simply be deleted.

A separate bug request related to CreateWiki, also triaged as "high," will be forthcoming. Thanks.

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Dmehus triaged this task as High priority.Oct 18 2020, 20:04
Dmehus created this task.

It seems that there was no issue with the database name itself, what seems to have happened is that the wiki requestor updated it but it just didn't update the URL section of the wiki request queue.

Re-opening per discussion with @Reception123 on Discord. No, they actually did update the URL to "," but when CreateWiki created the wiki, it used the former URL and database name of "" and "travelguidemirawiki". Per my latest comments as a condition of approval, the wiki was to be renamed, hence why the URL was notionally updated in RequestWiki to "" But if you'll check his CentralAuth, the URL is still showing as "" and the database name as "travelguidemirawiki". Thanks.

Reception123 claimed this task.

I misunderstood the request before, renamed now.