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Navigating to currently results in an error, but SPF mentioned there was a workaround.

If you can point me to a similar bug that was fixed, I can have a crack at creating a pull request for the fix myself.

The closest I could find was, but navigating to the www domain mentioned in the commit results in an SSL error, so perhaps things have changed.



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Still getting an SSL error here, looks like is using's GlobalSign cert. That aside, I think you're using LetsEncrypt, so you may need to regen your cert and specify both domains (as the www- is not currently included).

-d -d

@Samtar I'm pretty sure this is because "" is pointed to our LB, which unless the domain is set up in $wgServer, servers metawiki, which has a different server. The domain needs to redirect to non-www (in nginx) without trying to request the wiki on that domain.

I think.

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Semi-related to this, the www. doesn't work for, something which when looking at the DNS zone should be.

After some head scratching, is this line in LocalSettings.php to blame?

'allthetropeswiki' => '',

Navigating to gives a 404 error (which, admittedly, is slightly different to the above) - which is down to MissingWiki.php I believe?

In relation to the above, I'm still bringing up blanks, but it could be related to the url designation here? I'll keep digging..

Looking around I think that the line in LocalSettings.php could be the issue, but I am not sure that is the case.

@NDKilla if I understand correctly, you think changing

'thinkingliquidwiki' => '',


'thinkingliquidwiki' => '',

in LocalSettings and then 301ing -> might solve this one? This would also need the url changed in common.yaml I think, but could work! needs to 301 to

Diffusion mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Aug 3 2016, 11:50
NDKilla mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Aug 3 2016, 12:10

On merge of b148821923bf, error has progressed. Discussing regen of LE cert to include www and non-www varient as explicit.

@NDKilla to regen

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Confirmed working by multiple people

This works for me, thanks everyone!