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Custom domain change to current project name
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Summary: Change from to

Hi Miraheze!
First of all, THANK YOU for your wonderful wiki platform. It's been very helpful to our FOSS organization which supports tailors and patternmakers around the world. Our software SEAMLY2D enables these independent artisans to participate in the digital economy. Our users live in areas like Khazakstan, Fiji, etc. Your support means a lot to them.

Our project changed names some years ago.
May we change the name of our wiki to match the name of our project?
Our websites are and
We'd like to change from to

What are the next steps to make this change?

Susan Spencer, Seamly2D

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@Slspencer Hi. It is our pleasure to host you :) In order to change your custom domain to please read and point your new domain to us. When you have done this please let me know and I will configure it.

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Hi Phabricatorz,
Per your request...

  • I have created a CNAME in Dreamhost for to point to
  • I have NOT changed's Dreamhost domain name servers to Miraheze domain name servers. Dreamhost's DNS will propagate the new CNAME record.
  • I have submitted an SSL request using Let's Encrypt:

Let me know if you need anything else!

Thanks everything seems to be working great! Thanks for your superb support.

Only one thing - can we change the database name so that redirects to