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Find a way so that all wikis are automatically added to Parsoid
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This has been discussed on IRC and it is part of the ManageWiki project, and is already a small problem as only 3 people have access to puppet, making it harder to complete requests for VisualEditor and Flow.

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I've looked at this more and it's becoming more and more unfeasible.

To do this, there will need to a regular and constant stream of DB connections from parsoid to MariaDB. Every fetch will also result in a restart of parsoid for configuration changes. Handling custom domains will be impossible as only MediaWiki configuration itself knows the domain being served by a wiki.

This is from my view and is deemed the technical view here. If someone proposes a method to handle this well, they're free to implement it but it's not an objective we're trying to achieve.

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With ManageWiki now active, there is a large inconvenience for the so-called "restricted" tasks, due to having to request them separately at Phabricator.

I propose that we again look into this, and see if we can find a feasable way to do this, in order to facilitate enabling parsoid-required extensions.

Im thinking about creating a script under MirahezeMagic that runs and generates the yaml syntax and then pushes to the services repo.

Though will need to talk this over with @John

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This is now done and running. Should take changes to take affect 10-20mins.