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Determine directory for CDB config files
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Since each wiki will have a dedicated CDB file, we need to determine which directory to use for this. /srv/mediawiki/config would be possible, but might not be preferred.

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I actually mentioned /srv/mediawiki/wiki-config in the parent task, but perhaps we don't want that directory, so I leave this task open.

As /srv/mediawiki/config is for MediaWiki config, I'd say no.

/srv/mediawiki/wiki-config is possible.

Wouldn't a general /srv/mediawiki/cdb also work?

I'm fine with either over the above two, just not the first one.

Is /srv/mediawiki/cdb-config fine?


Southparkfan mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Aug 31 2016, 16:47