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Request Markdown extension and some skins
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I'd like to add the Markdown extension (; with Parsedown and Parsedown Extra installed in my wiki.

Also, why my request for the Chameleon skin is rejected? I would also request the Citizen and Nimbus skins to be installed.


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why my request for the Chameleon skin is rejected?

There should be an answer on the task

AmandaCath moved this task from Backlog to Blocked by security review on the Configuration board.
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Extension:Markdown will likely be declined as it is not currently maintained, unless someone is willing to step up as a new maintainer.

Chameleon Skin was declined previously due to technical problems/bugs, and as far as I know, these issues have not been resolved.

The other two skins you requested will need security review, which is extremely backlogged.

This has taken too long...

We are sorry but I would like to remind you that we are volunteers and we take security very seriously at Miraheze, so it takes time for us to review extensions.

AmandaCath changed the task status from Open to Stalled.May 4 2020, 13:27
AmandaCath added subscribers: Samwilson, Southparkfan.

Unfortunately we do not have enough people doing security reviews to meet our current demand, and therefore such reviews often take a long time and are incredibly backlogged.

@Samwilson @Southparkfan

Reception123 changed the task status from Stalled to Open.May 4 2020, 13:55

The Markdown extension I agree should be avoided if it's marked as not maintained. (Not that this means it's bad, but if someone's taken the time to call it out as maintained, as separate from the majority of extensions that are sort of unmaintained but which probably have someone who will do the needful if required.)

I think Citizen looks like a well-written skin, and would be suitable for Miraheze.

Nimbus is giving a minor error when I try to run it; I've reported this:

Sorry I've not been reviewing much lately. There are too many fun projects in life!

AmandaCath moved this task from Security Review Needed to Backlog on the Extensions board.

Per above, the Citizen skin is approved to be installed. Nimbus is blocked by upstream.

Examknow claimed this task.

The extension has been added. You should be able to add the skin from If you have any issues, please let us know. Thank you for choosing Miraheze!

Please note that for Nimbus we are waiting on the upstream task opened by Sam Wilson before we can review/install.

I got a problem. Why the Citizen skin doesn't appear in Special:ManageWiki/settings "Styling" tab > "default skin"?