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ManageWiki Not working
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I am a user on Mikeki who have group that have Managewiki Right, Which is owner, a user group i created. I can not change any settings on ManageWiki when I have a gorup that have ManageWiki right.

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RhinosF1 subscribed.

From what I can see, it looks like something’s got lost in a conflict between the ‘Owner’ and ‘owner’ group.

Can you change Managewiki right to SuperAdministrators?

Can you change Managewiki right to SuperAdministrators?

Done. I will leave the task open as I'm not sure if it's all s/he wants.

there is a problem with superadministrator as well on my wiki, I can't promote myself to owner and superadministrator.

Actually, I still can't access ManageWiki, can you revert Managewiki right to bureaucrat?

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Added. Do you need anything else?