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All The Tropes: Spam pages and spammer accounts resisted deletion
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Good afternoon. This morning I encountered three spam pages created by newly registered users on All The Tropes. As we normally do, I went to ban the users and delete the pages. But unusually, the pages did not delete -- instead of receiving a confirmation that the page was now gone, I found myself returned to the "delete page" page. Similarly, attempting to ban the users simply returned me to the "ban user" page.

I jumped over to my sandbox, and created then deleted a page just to check if I was seeing some kind of global failure. The page I created deleted promptly and with no issues.

I returned to the spam pages and attempted to delete them again with the same results as before.

Eventually I discovered if I relaunched a delete as soon as a previous delete failed, it went through. Similarly, if I reattempted to ban a spammer the moment I was returned to the "ban user" page, it, too, succeeded. However, this is worrying behavior, and I wanted to bring it to the attention of the staff in case it is indicative of some greater issue.

The affected pages (now deleted) were:

The accounts involved were

Thank you.

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This was likely due to the redis issues over the course of today, given it’s worked now, closing and merging with that task. Thanks for letting us know!

John triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 16 2020, 20:48